Team Performance Coaching.

In addition to our team-building workshops and retreats, we also offer follow-up coaching to individuals and groups in order to assimilate the learning and stay on track. How often have you gone to a training event only to forget all about it six months (or six days!) later? With team performance coaching, that doesn't happen. We become active partners for accountability, support, and application.

How does team performance coaching work? Although occasional shadowing and face-to-face meetings can be arranged, we can do most of our work on the phone. Through a guided inquiry process, we look at the everyday challenges in order to increase motivation and brainstorm ideas for moving forward effectively. It really works.

We often make reference to your own personality profile, as determined by the BEST™ And VIA assessments, in order to first understand your contribution to the situation. From there, we discuss the team dynamics in order to bring energy, learning, and change into the mix. Once the dynamic takes hold, performance increases and everyone notices the difference.

Would you like to be more effective in your work with teams? Would you like your team to be a top performer? For more information give us a call.

“Oh Wow!  I loved the time with Cozy.  I liked all 3 parts - Be curious, Character strengths (was encouraging to see how I already use those), and Drama triangle.  The triangle may have been the biggest 'aha' for me.  I easily recognize where I fall into it (and can operate from any of the 3 positions) and also realized moments when I have stepped out of the drama and operated on the other side.  It feels way better.  This brought great awareness! Love it and Love Cozy!” -Karla Blake

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