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Testimonies of past clients:

Cozy Dixon is a highly gifted, loving and intuitive guide in all matters of the heart. I am blessed to have her not only as a professional associate and colleague, but also as a friend. Her humor will delight you and her wisdom astound you.
— Laurie Beth Jones
The material was fun, interactive, practical and very easy to implement on a day to day basis. It enabled our group to better understand each others personalities and has contributed to a more cohesive and productive work atmosphere.
— Dr. Neal Apple | Vice President | Tyson Foods | Fortune 100 Company
The information was very interesting and completely useful. I will definitely take away from this a lot of insight and knowledge when it comes to interacting with customers, co-workers, family and friends. It was valuable.
— Corine J. - Nestle’ Emerging Markets Team
Cozy’s warm and inviting demeanor encourages your team members to participate and utilize her training tools for breakthroughs in all their relationships...both professional and personal.
— Seth Mims| CEO Specialized Real Estate
. My time with Cozy Dixon will forever be the mark of my professional and personal transformation. She allowed me to come broken and vulnerable each and every time we met. She always met me exactly where I was at, providing a platform for me to put into my own words what I needed to move forward. When someone provides unconditional support you have no choice but to be forever changed if you are willing. Cozy is all about the work of change and possibility. She stressed time and time again that allowing the greatest of possibilities was the answer. She’s a coach that exudes authenticity and genuine progress. Cozy allowed me to view myself in a way I had only dreamed of but never fully saw. From there I was free to fulfill my destiny! I will always and forever cherish my time spent with her.
I always thought something was wrong with I understand myself.
— Fortune 100 Company
I give Cozy my highest endorsement. She combines insight and experience with enthusiasm and humor to help individuals and teams reach their potential.
— Tom Muccio (Retired President of Global Customer Teams, Procter & Gamble.
I wanted to give a quick update from our coaching session last week. I am happy to say that my attitude about myself has greatly improved this week!! Thank you for being open and direct with me . The coaching has brought very positive results and I no longer feel overwhelmed to do the job before me.
— Carrie - Vice President Finance
I believe—honestly—that this was the best retreat I have ever attended. It was outstanding! I have learned so much about who I am and also who the members of our team are. These few days were about appreciating and valuing the wonderful people that surround me. Thank you so much for enlightening me—speaking truth—and opening up our team. What a great coach you are! I am forever changed!
— Kevin (Song Writer, Music Producer | Kansas City, KS)
It has helped us have a better understanding of each other, a better understanding of how certain kids respond, a better understanding of how our coaches respond, it has helped us tremendously with our communication, it really made all the difference in the world.
— Guz Malzahn | Football Coach
You have just solved a 3 year problem in my department in one training session!
— Tysons Food - Fortune 100 Company
Cozy, how can I place a value on what you taught me? After years of wondering and only a day at “The Path” workshop I can state clearly in a sentence my mission in life.
— Justin Carmody | Conveyor Technology | CEO
Very insightful, refreshing and useful in work and personal life. Definitely is a must take for a person working to improve his/her negotiation and communication skills. Useful content..the language was easy to understand and relate to. Useful use of time!
— Gaicia - Nestle’ Emerging Markets Team
Cozy has given me a fresh perspective on who I am today, and has enabled me to pinpoint exactly who I want to be. The sense of clarity I have gained from this process is invaluable.
— A.B.W. Music Artist

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